Tokrex Airdrop – Sign up and get 20 TOX tokens plus 50 TOX every referral

By INKFLUENCER December 9, 2018 Airdrop

Tokrex airdrop is worth 20 TOX tokens (~$ 7.60) and 50 TOX (~$ 19) for every referral.

About Tokrex

Tokrex is a cryptographic fully decentralized real-time exchange. Tokrex Foundation has a knowledge and technology portfolio that provides a professional ecosystem for complete, decentralized trading of cryptocurrencies and assets.

How to join Tokrex Airdrop?

  1. Go to the Tokrex site.
  2. Sign up using your Facebook, mail or phone number.
  3. You will receive 20 TOX tokens.
  4. Share your referral link to receive 50 TOX tokens for every referral.

Estimated value: 7.16 usd + referral

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