Sistemkoin a SCAM Exchange Exposed by Jeff Kirdeikis 1.54 BTC Gone!

By INKFLUENCER March 7, 2020 Bitcoin, Exchanges, News

Sistemkoin Scam exposed now on Twitter and Medium by Jeff Kirdeikis! By doing Giveaway posted on March 6, 2020 8:57 PM and garnered 173 retweets, 225 likes and 193 comments as per writing this post.

The said SCAM was started last April 03, 2019 when Investor Jeff found out that his withdrawal didn’t went on his BTC address and was clearly withdrawn to this BTC address on the said date:

Jeff Kirdeikis made a withdrawal request on March 15, 2019 amounting 1.54347507 BTC.

Which successfully appeared that it was deposited SCAMccessfully!

About Sistemkoin is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies based on Turkey. Users buy, sell and trade coins with each other on the website. mediates for buy, sell and trade. For this reason, Sistemkoin does not set the prices.

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