XDapp 3rd Invitation Competition Event

By INKFLUENCER March 21, 2020 Reviews

If you don’t have XDapp account yet, you may register an account here using TRONLINK wallet.

What is XDapp?

Xdapp is aimed to be the largest decentralized cryptocurrency entertainment platform.

The top 5 people who invited the most number of gamblers to join this telegram group @xdapp888 in the next 2 days will receive a reward as follow:

1st Place: 1000 TRX 2nd Place: 500 TRX 3rd Place: 300 TRX 4th Place: 200 TRX

5th Place: 100 TRX


Proof of Nature Token – A crypto backed by births and deaths

Boolwallet Huge BTT Airdrop plus a chance to win 0.1 BTC!


  1. Invite new gamblers to @xdapp888 group
  2. A robot will count how many gamblers you have added
  3. Competition ends on 23:59,22 March UTC

Good luck and happy XDAP mining!

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