Shark Trade Airdrop – Receive 25 SC Tokens worth $10

By INKFLUENCER June 30, 2019 Airdrop

Shark Trade

Founded in 2016, Shark Trade LLC is engaged in direct investment activities, as well as attracting the assets of private investors.

Shark Coin is going to be launched on Livecoin Exchange on the 25th of July 2019.

How to participate on this airdrop campaign?

  1. Visit their Airdrop form.
  2. Create an account on their website. (Mandatory)
  3. Join their Telegram Group. (5 SC)
  4. Follow SharkTrade on Twitter and make a comment. (+7.5 SC)
  5. Follow SharkTrade Facebook Page and make a comment. (+7.5 SC)
  6. Follow SharkTrade Steem Page. (+5 SC)
  7. Subscribe to their YouTube Channel. (+5 SC)
  8. Follow their LinkedIn Page. (+5 SC)
  9. Submit your details in the Airdrop form.

$43.75 Total Estimated amount to be airdropped per user if you complete all tasks above.

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