Proof of Nature Token – A crypto backed by births and deaths

By INKFLUENCER March 19, 2020 Reviews

A new era for Crypto. A crypto backed by births and deaths.


About $PoN Token

The Proof of Nature token is a cryptocurrency that documents births and deaths on the blockchain with a token burn.

  • Deflationary and non-mintable
  • ERC20 compliant token
  •  Proof of Births and Deaths token
  •  24 hour token burn

Token will be burnt once every 24 hours based on the number of Births minus Deaths each day.
That means we count each days Births minus each days Deaths is = Is the token burn.

28,337,859 – Births this year and counting
11,896,967 – Deaths this year and counting

Did you know?

According to Worldometer a real time world statistics,  The Proof of Nature token is a unique and valuable addition to the rich tapestry of cryptocurrencies that exist today.

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