Cardano needs its own standard for a certified cryptocurrency wallet

Cardano’s founder shared new ideas for improving blockchain performance with his video blog viewers. Charles Hoskinson said he shares the Cardano community’s vision of the need to develop standards for a certified ADA wallet. According to the businessman, it is time for the cryptocurrency community to get rid of the heterogeneous and initially broad notion of official cryptocurrencies. Instead, Hoskinson suggests developing benchmark standards to guide developers in issuing certified ADA cryptocurrencies: “We propose to get rid of the concept of official cryptocurrencies entirely and introduce the concept of a certified wallet. Unified certification standards would allow developers to set functional and non-functional requirements, including benchmarking and performance requirements for user interaction. It would be great to create multiple protocols to make things work faster.” It’s worth noting that Cardano has experienced significant growth in recent years, as indicated by the increase in ADA wallets. According to the media, the number of ADA wallets exceeded the 3.5 million mark in the middle of the third quarter of 2022. Earlier Cardano founder welcomed the consideration of the Financial Innovation Act in the United States. According to Charles Hoskinson, if the bill gets the support of the U.S. government, institutional investors will be able to invest huge amounts into cryptocurrency markets.