Browser Giant for your Privacy, Anonymity and Security – BRAVE

Worried with your personal data to be exposed while browsing online because of these annoying pop ads and pop under ads showing worst case scenario trojan virus injected to ads and got your mobile phones and computers infected using your old browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, UC browser and etc.

For sure, you’re wondering why you still got annoying ads when you knew you set it already to “Block pop up windows etc” on your browser’s setting. Yes! browsers mentioned above is literally a joke.

I am a loyal Chrome user when it launched many years ago back when Internet explorer got buggy. Tried Opera, yes it does saves you data when browsing same with UC browser. Mozilla Firefox went buggy few years ago but their devs are working hard to keep their browser alive and useful along with the competitions. But, unfortunately all of them never made solution to user’s satisfaction until Brave arrived.

What is Brave and it’s In-depth Explanation:

Brave is a browser which mainly focus is on user’s security, anonymity and privacy. This browser blocked annoying pop-ads big time and 2x to 8x faster browsing experience than your old browser. Fos iOs and Android users, brave is a good deal because the app has battery optimization to help save your batteries life, a built-in AD blocker, private bookmarks and more exciting features. And last but the most exciting part is you get to earn on Brave and allows you also to reward some few bucks to your favorite content creator. Brave is available on Google Play Store, App Store and on PC.

Brave browser is one of the most downloaded browser today to those people that value their privacy. Brave browser is like Chrome but the difference between the two is that you will earn a lot of money in Brave just by downloading it and referring your friends to install it to their PC or even […]

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